Shaft Drive RT45 Question

Jeff Bussell  –

Hi all Jeff Bussell here, I’ve recently purchased another austrak rt45 this one a cummins 4b engine shaft drive with recent hydraulic pumps/ motors overhauled at torque hydraulics in Adelaide. I have a slight issue with the r/h side drive pump not developing charge pressure I’ve tried blocking the port to the servos isolating them, pulled the back of the pump off and checked the charge pump drive and all seems good the charge pump pumps oil but doesn’t seem to be building pressure like there’s an internal relief valve leaking any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Jeff.

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This one looks to be in reasonable order. Note that the front ram is missing and listed as leaking. Most hydraulics places are loath to replace ram seals these days and when they do the cost is pretty much the same as a new ram. Expect to pay around $350 for a new ram, more if you can’t reuse the old hoses and fittings,

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Williames Wildcats for Sale

Bill Wallace has two Wildcats for sale:
I have two Williams Wildcats (Chain drive) plus some VH4D engines for sale.
Neither Wildcat is a goer but both are pretty well intact. Two of the engines I bought as goers but I have not run them.The other engines plus the ones in the Wildcats are partially dismantled but pretty complete.
  • I will sell each Wildcat as it is including stuffed engine plus one good engine plus a not so good engine.
  • I dont want to sell bits as I need to move them out as I have sold the farm and now need the space.
  • I am asking $1000 each or $2000 the lot.
  • Wildcats and engines are at Wattle Glen 3096
Buyers will need to organise transport themselves. I have transported them on a low sided car tandem without problems. I will assist loading with my tractor at my place.
Tractors have hydraulic draft arms but no implements.
Indicative pictures are included. 20151205_085147[1]20151205_085526[1]20151205_085930[1]20151205_085551[1]
I can be contacted on 0408 031 559. Leave a message if necessary or email me on
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Good morning I’m looking for a austrak  or wildcat …… something  to tinker with project hobby etc .

Does anyone have one for sale in VIC would be good but will travel …thanks mick  email mick –

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Ian  has a stripped down VH4D motor ex Wildcat.

“It is completely stripped and reconditioned ready for reassembly. I have pistons, rings, gaskets etc ready to go and don’t have time to assemble it. I am demolishing my shed as part of a renovation and don’t want it exposed”

Price is negotiable, if you are looking for a new motor  give him a ring on 0409 999 902

or email

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Wildcat Project on EBay

Wildcat Project for sale on EBay

It’s a nice straight looking machine with little corrosion if any. The Wisconsin has gone west at some point and a Mitsubishi Turbo diesel motor has been acquired ex a 4wd with the intent of repowering it.

Along with the rolling shell you get 3pl, blade, ripper, slasher and a carry all which all appear to be in good order. This would certainly suit someone looking to undertake a straightforward restoration, all the bits are there. I have reservations about the choice of motor, mainly because of the restrictions imposed by the drive train layout on the Wildcat. I think it would be better to find a Wisconsin or repower it with a Subaru motor. If you were game enough to ditch the existing drive train and go with a couple of variable pumps and two motors directly driving the chains then maybe the diesel engine provided might work out, as would any number of other motors.

I had a rusted Wildcat shell here for a while before I salvaged what I could and then scrapped it. The actual shell is very similar in size to the Austrak RT45 chain drive shell. I think with a bit of swearing and ingenuity you could couple most  Wildcat implements to an RT45 as well…. What that means is that there is definitely enough room in the Wildcat tub to stuff a diesel motor, variable pumps and two drive motors. The actual tub width on the wildcat is marginally wider than on the RT45 …something I measured twice before I believed it.

If you are game to do that kind of conversion then you will be doubtless putting more HP and torque through the drive train so upgrading the bearings, sprockets and chains would be a must. The sprockets can be bought off the shelf and then machined to fit the mountings, the chains will need to be upgraded and that will not be cheap, but there is nothing worse than breaking a chain in field….mainly because it happens far too frequently with the original spec chain without the higher HP and torque added to the mix.

Anyway I reckon that this machine is a good bet for the right person with the skill and endurance to rebuild it.

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three quarter viewAbout The AUSTRAK.

We have owned the machine since 2010 and are selling it as it has pretty much done its job.
A steep learning curve and much welcomed advice from Jim Deering saw us go right through the machine and replace any parts needed and service every aspect including drivechain grease and replace/waterproof the drive covers.

It is a AUSTRAK RT-45 all terrain tractor, build date approx  1984, with a 70hp Perkins Diesel motor (1990 make) with a top cover mounted external air cleaner and large radiator, providing plenty of power for anything you might ask it to do, and economically.

It has proven to be a very safe machine at our hilly farm in S/e Qld and with the combinations of rippers/carryall and angle blade or mulcher able to be used simultaneously front and rear, makes it a very versatile as well. AUSTRAK’s can be a bit slidey in the wet, but the addition of adjustable weight carrying capacity over the wheels and the rippers hold the machine from sliding in wet conditions.

It is FOR SALE as ONE whole parcel ONLY which INCLUDE the following implements:
1 x hydraulic angle/tilt bull blade.
1 x 5 tyne lift rippers with carryall attachment on top .
1 x hydraulic angle/tilt mulcher.
1 x mudguard attached sturdy steel tool box.
Dual Seating.
Mesh Stone/brush Radiator cover.
Mesh Stone/brush windshield
ROPS with insulation roof for cooler operating conditions.

The hydraulics deliver the following approx. Output Pressure –
1. LIFT circuit delivers 30 L/min. (litres per minute) with 2,500psi. (at 3,000rpm of the pump and 3,000rpm of the engine.)
2. PTO circuit delivers 118 L/min. with 2,750 – 3,100 psi. (at 2,600rpm)
3. Main Drive Pumps are Twin Southcott.

Peter Mumford
Email: (preferred)
PH b.h. 07 54 942091 – leave message.
Asking Price – AU$20,000


Here it is with the mulcher attached. This has fully lift/angle/tilt capabilities so it can be opened up and lifted/tilted for heavy mulching jobs like lantana or lowered fully down for low mowing. This mulcher is great as it completely breaks up whatever you are mulching. The rippers also do a great job in combo with the mulcher, pulling up the roots..

All new manual drive hydraulics, no electrics to bugger up!

All new manual drive hydraulics, no electrics to bugger up!

Here it is stripped down with just the blade attached, tilted so great for drains, road works, etc.

Here it is stripped down with just the blade attached, tilted so great for drains, road works, etc.

The front mulcher can be removed and other implement attached such as the angle tilt blade or tow bar used for towing/lifting purposes, forks etc.

The front mulcher can be removed and other implement attached such as the angle tilt blade or tow bar used for towing/lifting purposes, forks etc.

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Wanted Hand Brake Assembly Advice for Shaft Drive RT45

Mike in Tasmania is reconditioning his shaft drive RT45 but has struck a problem with missing “handbrake” assemblies on the drive motors.

If you have any info on brake assembly replacement or have parts that could help please contact Mike on 0408313377.

Owen, Mike’s son, writes:

Anyone have any idea where we could source some brake assemblies (we dont even know what they look like) for a shaft drive VM powered RT45? We’re currently tarting our one up for work and everything is heading in a good direction except for the brakes.
On a side note we sorted our previous engine issues by buying a brand new identical turbo charged VM.

If anyone has an info about the brakes please call Mike on 0408313377.

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Calling All Wildcat Lovers….Please Help Adam if You Can

Hi there,

I have decided to embark on a project to get the attached wildcat up and running. It was being used for spraying over 20 years ago and broke down… subsequently was left in the paddock, and now I have an opportunity to get it up and running. Knowing nothing about these tractors ( apart from a few hours of research on the internet over the weekend)… I was wondering whether you have any operating/repair manuals for these, you would be willing to send to me ?

Before I fully commit to the resto, I would like to get a better understanding of how much work (and money !) will be required to get it up and running, hence the request for some documentation. The Wildcat is located on a property near Eltham. One final question, any advice on how to disengage the hydraulics so that I am able to tow it to a more suitable location on the property ? Did the original pumps have bypass valves for allowing this, or is the only way to remove the drive chains before towing (or just tow and accept potential damage considering the age and current condition) ?

Thanks is advance,

eltham ebgineAdam Morrieltham wildcateltham wildcat tubson <>

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 Still Looking for Eaton or Southcott variable displacement pumps for repair of a VM powered Shaft Drive RT45.  I would really like to see the owners get this RT45 back in the field if possible .

If you can help please let me know.

Contact or SMS 0490003289.

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