I thought I would kick this page off with some interesting pics I was given by a Wildcat seller back in 2006. This machine has been modified to replace the Wisconsin V4 with a Subaru EA81  1.8 litre  water cooled engine. It’s a pretty clever bit of work. The V4 was taken out and straight shaft mounted on pillow blocks was inserted between the two transmissions.  The subframe for the power train was altered so the Subaru could be mounted above the the old location of the V4.  A belt drive from the fly wheel end of the Subaru then runs straight on to the new transmission shaft providing the power to the two transmission units.It’s not pretty but the builder was still ably to maintain the “easy out” design for the whole power train and the lot could still fit into the back of his Landrover Disco.


6 Responses to WILDCAT MODS

  1. Robert Jackson says:

    The above machine belongs to me. I had 2 at the time and sold one, but never sold this one. Have not driven for a few years so would need some work to get going. More than willing to sell for any offers. Comes with slasher, grater blade and furrow digger.

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  5. Brett says:

    Hello Robert is this machine still available? could you give me a call on 0412 608 372.

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