Williames Wildcats for Sale

Bill Wallace has two Wildcats for sale:
I have two Williams Wildcats (Chain drive) plus some VH4D engines for sale.
Neither Wildcat is a goer but both are pretty well intact. Two of the engines I bought as goers but I have not run them.The other engines plus the ones in the Wildcats are partially dismantled but pretty complete.
  • I will sell each Wildcat as it is including stuffed engine plus one good engine plus a not so good engine.
  • I dont want to sell bits as I need to move them out as I have sold the farm and now need the space.
  • I am asking $1000 each or $2000 the lot.
  • Wildcats and engines are at Wattle Glen 3096
Buyers will need to organise transport themselves. I have transported them on a low sided car tandem without problems. I will assist loading with my tractor at my place.
Tractors have hydraulic draft arms but no implements.
Indicative pictures are included. 20151205_085147[1]20151205_085526[1]20151205_085930[1]20151205_085551[1]
I can be contacted on 0408 031 559. Leave a message if necessary or email me on
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1 Response to Williames Wildcats for Sale

  1. Col Richards says:

    I rang Bill and these have both been sold.

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