Geoff Unwin

HI guys,i have an rt45 VM motor southcott pumps, it is fitted with the last two diffs from Gasons which have done no work as it hasn’t been fired up for a long time. It’s all there but I haven’t started it because the oil tank has rusted and let water in.If anyone is interested you can contact me on 0456878288
Cheers Geoff.

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RT45s for Sale Maleny QLD Contact : Mitch O’Brien 0417774361

2 x Austrak RT45 for sale together with many spares including pumps, motors and general spares.  The air cooled Lombardini engine is gear driven version with slasher and rippers.  The water cooled VM motor version was one of the last sold by Gason’s and  we received much help from Geoff Kendal who was involved with sorting this particular version.  There are many and various parts and manuals, even some brochures I believe.

They have been properly maintained through the years.  The VM Austrak has a carry-all with 500 litre honda powered sprayer attached operating 2 reels. The Lombardini version has not been used much in the last few years as we are not slashing, but was operating fine except for a seal issue which slowly allows engine oil into the gearbox. We haven’t had time to take this apart to fix.

We are moving off the farm and would like the Austraks to go to someone who knows there value as they will continue to be useful to someone who knows how to look after them. Both of these have been garaged throughout their life.
We are located in Maleny, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in QLD       

Also advertised on GUMTREE



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Interesting item, the  tub looks good but there is a lot of work to be done on the hydraulics and the engine. I can’t see the VD pumps or gearbox in the pics or the hydraulic oil cooler and the Lombardini engine looks like it is mounted back the front. The tyres are unusual and look like they would be more suitable than the industrial tread version that came standard.  The 3pl doesn’t look to be original but I could be wrong….I’d guess that it may be an adapted unit from the Wildcat. Anyway Rebuild it or Wreck it, depending on price it could be just what someone is looking for.

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This machine appeared recently on Gumtree.  It has been repainted and the seller indicated that it has been store undercover and is in good running order. No attachments listed but it does come with two spare wisconsins, implement rams can be had for about 300 dollars new.

Looking at the pics it does look in pretty good shape, and given that non operational machines have been selling for up to three thousand dollars in sound condition, the asking price for this one isn’t to bad at $3800 or offer.

The issue would be to locate attachments but that could be way$_20(1)$_20$_20(5)$_20(2)$_20(6) easier than locating a machine in good working order,

Contact Mick on 0458176524


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Shaft Drive RT45 Question

Jeff Bussell  –

Hi all Jeff Bussell here, I’ve recently purchased another austrak rt45 this one a cummins 4b engine shaft drive with recent hydraulic pumps/ motors overhauled at torque hydraulics in Adelaide. I have a slight issue with the r/h side drive pump not developing charge pressure I’ve tried blocking the port to the servos isolating them, pulled the back of the pump off and checked the charge pump drive and all seems good the charge pump pumps oil but doesn’t seem to be building pressure like there’s an internal relief valve leaking any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Jeff.

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httwildcat 1wildcat 2wildcat 3wildcat 4wildcat 5p://

This one looks to be in reasonable order. Note that the front ram is missing and listed as leaking. Most hydraulics places are loath to replace ram seals these days and when they do the cost is pretty much the same as a new ram. Expect to pay around $350 for a new ram, more if you can’t reuse the old hoses and fittings,

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Williames Wildcats for Sale

Bill Wallace has two Wildcats for sale:
I have two Williams Wildcats (Chain drive) plus some VH4D engines for sale.
Neither Wildcat is a goer but both are pretty well intact. Two of the engines I bought as goers but I have not run them.The other engines plus the ones in the Wildcats are partially dismantled but pretty complete.
  • I will sell each Wildcat as it is including stuffed engine plus one good engine plus a not so good engine.
  • I dont want to sell bits as I need to move them out as I have sold the farm and now need the space.
  • I am asking $1000 each or $2000 the lot.
  • Wildcats and engines are at Wattle Glen 3096
Buyers will need to organise transport themselves. I have transported them on a low sided car tandem without problems. I will assist loading with my tractor at my place.
Tractors have hydraulic draft arms but no implements.
Indicative pictures are included. 20151205_085147[1]20151205_085526[1]20151205_085930[1]20151205_085551[1]
I can be contacted on 0408 031 559. Leave a message if necessary or email me on
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