Mark Williams sent this Wildcat pic from his younger days.

WILLIAMS WILDCAT BMark kindly sent in this pic from his younger years in the Bega Area.

That is a good looking machine and I’m quite interested in the tree pusher attachment he mentions in the section below. The machine was later sold on and its whereabouts are unknown.

I asked Mark to provide a bit of detail about the picture and he replied as follows:

The photo is of myself when I was much young on my dads farm and nursery on the almost top of Myrtle Mountain – it backed on to another farm and the national park. The actual area is the start of radium ridge road. They snapped this happy snap while I was trying to clean up the mess after the storm and what was also left over from building the big dam below in the back ground.
It was very good for filling in rabbit and wombat burrows.
We never managed to turn it over but did have it on its side on several occasions.
The main problem with it was the chains would come off a lot or was it the belts I cannot remember now.
It came with a slasher, the blade, ploughs (One disc and a curved ripper spring type stump jump plough), a ripper and a small tree pusher. The tree pusher is what the extra two mounting lugs were for as well as the large disc plough.

We actually met MR WILLIAMES (Who I remember as tall thin man.) when he came to Bega to show off this machine at Plum Motors the local agent.It was brought down for the agricultural show especially to show it off.

Thanks Mark for a great pic and an interesting story!

This machine is owned by Rodney from Taree. It’s a late model RT45 built by Gasson in Victoria . It boasts a thumping great engine and that really neat Gasson cabin. Rodney has modified the machine to eliminate the problem of dripping servos by constructing a self centering yoke mechanism similar to those used in most skid steers. Stay tuned for more pics from Rodney.

This machine is a shaft driven RT45 owned by Neil from the South Coast in NSW.

The cage has a roof added and light frame extends over the motor area.  This photo was taken before Neil added the front end loader. Check out the Mod’s page to see the great results from that project

Austrak Forklift variant

This one was on sale in Melbourne a few years back. It’s the forklift variant of the later model RT45. It had been for sale for a long time but shortly after I started discussions with the dealer and shortly before Jim Deering went to view it ..some astute Austrak fancier bought it for around $10k…..


This is Bryan’s  Wildcat as delivered . Bryan has been working on this machine to get it into top shape. This one looks like it has the Wisconsin chaff cutter V4 and is equipped with the Wildcat FEL. The whole package adds up to a very versatile machine.

The FEL is well detailed in these pics. It’s a very practical attachment cleverly engineered by Williames.  Pretty much the same set up was offered with the Supercat when it was selling in the 80’s.

Bryan is still working on the machine and I’m sure we would all love to see pics of the restoration.


5 Responses to GALLERY

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  2. Lawrie and Glenda Cornell says:

    Hello Bryan, it’s great to see your Wildcat in it’s original condition and we can appreciate the work that goes into your project and look forward to some progress pictures.

  3. Mick Harvey says:

    Hello folks my name is Mick Harvey thank goodness i came across you folks i also hav a very similar machine to the green chaffcutter except mine is fully hydrostatic it came with the same frontend loader well as forks, and a 6 lever backhoe which attaches to the front bucket arms , i hav been looking for a replacement engine as the current vh4d is totally worn out i hav done 100’s of hrs in this machine saving me heaps on 2 seperate small properties i hav had the machine 6 years and it just as capable as the austrac but not as speedie, does any hav a engine 4 sale? Or is the vh4d a standard winsconsin eng fitted, or does any one know of a suitable alternative eng.

  4. johnarentz says:

    Hi Mick,
    Welcome aboard. If you check out the other pages here you will find a Wildcat converted to a Subaru EA81 motor. That was a straightforward bit of engineering and it looks as though the vh4d is still available new from these people .

  5. Mick Harvey says:

    Hello folks im back again i spotted a running winsconsin in last weeks weekly times but hav been un able to make contact with the man. Unfortunately i do not hav much spare time but i must get photos on the site although similar to the green machine mine has heaps of changes the eng is parralell with the machine the bucket and forks hav very clever un hooking mechanism from the top of the front arms you sit up high on the transmission, there are no drive chains or sprockets, only 4 hydrostatic motors one one each wheel coupled to a reduction hub the only draw back is all the hyd hoses but the actual engineering and thought gone into the machine is brilliant .

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