Shaft Drive RT45 Question

Jeff Bussell  –

Hi all Jeff Bussell here, I’ve recently purchased another austrak rt45 this one a cummins 4b engine shaft drive with recent hydraulic pumps/ motors overhauled at torque hydraulics in Adelaide. I have a slight issue with the r/h side drive pump not developing charge pressure I’ve tried blocking the port to the servos isolating them, pulled the back of the pump off and checked the charge pump drive and all seems good the charge pump pumps oil but doesn’t seem to be building pressure like there’s an internal relief valve leaking any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Jeff.

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2 Responses to Shaft Drive RT45 Question

  1. phil says:

    Hi everyone, any comments or thoughts on this?

  2. Brad says:

    Gday I have a shaft drive rt45 and need to know what brand the drive motors are? Or if you can give me the number for the Adelaide company plz so I can ask them for any info on the drive motors plz
    Cheers brad

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