Here are the pics of my wildcat as it was when it was given to me.
About 20 years ago when i was still a teenager we moved to a house that belonged to some friends of my parents situated on about 250 acres and parked under the carport was this tractor i thought it was awesome and looked forward to going out with the owner to work around the farm in it. Unfortunately not sure how long ago but i think about 5-10 years there was some problems with the engine that had been rebuilt incorrectly, something to do with the oil feed system not being fitted correctly and since the rebuilder would not pay for there mistake he just left it parked under the trees in the paddock.


Since the engine was left in a bad place in many pieces it is just a pile of rust. So I have been looking for a replacement and have found that there not very common here in australia, so short of buying a new one i am a little stuck. After much more research i have now got my heart set on a 3 cyl lister engine that i hope will fit.


I will have more pictures of the project to come soon.



  1. james buick says:

    is it still for sale

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