WIlliames Wildcat on eBay 21/11/2017

Wildcat Listed on eBay

Nice enough in tact Wildcat currently listed on eBay at  $8000 auction or $11000 Buy it  Now. It looks in tact, comes with blade and slasher but has problems with the Wisconsin motor. Good news is that all the motor bits are still available or failing that a suitable replacement motor is available new but would require modification to fit the mechanical power train arrangement on a Wildcat. Also elsewhere on this site is a description and pics of an ea81 Subaru motor conversion…not pretty but quite straightforward and effective.

Contact owner who seems to suggest that price is negotiable.


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7 Responses to WIlliames Wildcat on eBay 21/11/2017

  1. james buick says:

    could i have your phone number please

  2. johnarentz says:

    Hi James this machine was recently sold.

    • Pierce G Westlake says:

      Just wondering how much it did sell for

      • johnarentz says:

        Hi Pierce I’m not sure but I would guess nothing like what was being asked….. that motor to be rebuilt you would be looking at 3 grand or more I can’t see how that would come close to the asking price,…..also it had a bull blade which is a step down from an angle blade.

      • johnarentz says:

        If I had to guess I would reckon 3 to 5k…… 3k is what a very good tub and a stuffed Wisconsin sold for elsewhere on the site…..so as I suggested askng 6 as a reserve would be a reasonable thing for your machine as it reflects the sale of machines in a similar condition….That one there is under Alan’s wildcat….he eventually settled on about 6k for it and that may have included a Delta Truck….. Honestly I can’t see a wildcat selling for more than 8 k or so with functioning blade slasher and rippers……Happy to be proved wrong and it could definitely happen with a bidding war on ebay especially if you have more implements than the slasher…it is a matter of setting a reserve price for it…

  3. Jenny Wren says:

    have wildcat slasher blade mount toyota 2l diesel powered all new chains belts hydraulics also austak vm 3 cylinder new rings slasher for sale brett 0266882113

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