Calling All Wildcat Lovers….Please Help Adam if You Can

Hi there,

I have decided to embark on a project to get the attached wildcat up and running. It was being used for spraying over 20 years ago and broke down… subsequently was left in the paddock, and now I have an opportunity to get it up and running. Knowing nothing about these tractors ( apart from a few hours of research on the internet over the weekend)… I was wondering whether you have any operating/repair manuals for these, you would be willing to send to me ?

Before I fully commit to the resto, I would like to get a better understanding of how much work (and money !) will be required to get it up and running, hence the request for some documentation. The Wildcat is located on a property near Eltham. One final question, any advice on how to disengage the hydraulics so that I am able to tow it to a more suitable location on the property ? Did the original pumps have bypass valves for allowing this, or is the only way to remove the drive chains before towing (or just tow and accept potential damage considering the age and current condition) ?

Thanks is advance,

eltham ebgineAdam Morrieltham wildcateltham wildcat tubson <>

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