Geoff Unwin

HI guys,i have an rt45 VM motor southcott pumps, it is fitted with the last two diffs from Gasons which have done no work as it hasn’t been fired up for a long time. It’s all there but I haven’t started it because the oil tank has rusted and let water in.If anyone is interested you can contact me on 0456878288
Cheers Geoff.

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3 Responses to SHAFT DRIVE RT45

  1. Col Richards says:

    Very interested, I’ve left a message for you.

  2. Philip Jewell says:

    Hi guys
    I purchased this RT45, and have just got it back to Tasmania. It is a shaft drive and having done only 153 hours it is in excellent condition. Unfortunately I only made it 100m up the road before I broke down by losing the drive on the left side. Yet to be diagnosed as to why, but with a shudder and plenty of crunching it sounded like a chain getting mangled, but as I found (once removing the inspection covers) that it wasn’t a chain drive so that wasn’t it. I haven’t had time or an assistant to look further int it yet. The unit came with a heap of literature which I will scan and put online for others to benefit from. I have bought another RT45 for spare parts but it is a Lombardini with chain drive so may not help in many ways (?). It wouldn’t be far off being able to be got going as it had a failed drive motor on the left side. Hopefully I have all the pieces and one day I may have a look at the chances of resurrecting it. There is some pieces broken off the cast housing but that may not be too big an issue.
    Anyone got three point linkages bits to suit that they want to sell, or a backhoe?
    Any hints as to what may have failed in the drive? Maybe gear teeth have been shed somewhere? The unit was loaded in the back doors of a curtain sided semi with a Franna crane which might have somehow contributed to an issue (“pushing” it in with the wheels hydraulically locked?
    I am glad to correspond with anyone who knows more or less than me, my direct contact is Philip on or 0467 069 331 at the top of Tasmania.

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