This machine appeared recently on Gumtree.  It has been repainted and the seller indicated that it has been store undercover and is in good running order. No attachments listed but it does come with two spare wisconsins, implement rams can be had for about 300 dollars new.

Looking at the pics it does look in pretty good shape, and given that non operational machines have been selling for up to three thousand dollars in sound condition, the asking price for this one isn’t to bad at $3800 or offer.

The issue would be to locate attachments but that could be way$_20(1)$_20$_20(5)$_20(2)$_20(6) easier than locating a machine in good working order,

Contact Mick on 0458176524


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5 Responses to WILDCAT on GUMTREE MAY 2016

  1. Tony says:

    Hi, great site!… wondering if these linkages will fit standard 3pl? Cheers!

    • johnarentz says:

      The 3pl on that Wildcat doesn’t appear to include the linkage arms and the lifting arms that raise and lower the linkage. The set up is designed to be cat 1 as I understand it. Cat 1 linkage kits for small tractors are available on the net. If you can sort out the dimensions you need you would certainly find a suitable set for around 300 dollars. From what you can see of the front and rear the machine doesn’t look like it has PTO motor at either end.

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks John! Forgive my ignorance! I have a steep blackberry hillside and undulating creekfront – full of blackberry covered logs and wombat holes! Do u think this machine is the way to go?

    • johnarentz says:

      The first thing I would say is that you need to check the machine out thoroughly. It looks pretty good and if it really has been kept undercover it’s a big plus.

      The machines are quite old now so you can expect some problems at some point. Fairly direct replacement transmissions are still available (one needed on each side) and a suitable ancillary pump to drive the implements and rams would not be hard to source either if required.
      I had one back in 1983/4, the things I had to replace were a couple of sprockets on the wheel hubs. I upgraded the chains on one side as they were stretching and hard to tension. I had one of the transmissions serviced and the swash plate surface ground. The other thing is that the machines are meant to use hydraulic fluid …Dextron if I recall rightly and not the thicker hydraulic oil you find in larger earth movers and tractors, check that if you are interested in buying that machine. If you find that it has standard hydraulic oil in it and buy it , change it to the correct fluid asap.

      More recently on this blog we have had mention of problems in the ancillary circuit, probably relating to the ancillary pump that supplies fluid to the lifting rams and hydraulically powered implements like the slasher. The original was made by Vickers in the case of the machine I owned. Engineering a replacement wouldn’t be hard and you may well come up with something very affordable. Stuff like wheel bearings are all stock ex one of the earlier model Holdens if I remember….just pull it off and take the old one to a bearing supply company.

      How does it perform? Firstly it punches above its weight in most cases. I picked up a wreck last year to cannibalise and it had been used for snigging mountain ash logs. I used mine for light earth moving and it did that well. Also the slasher is really good on blackberry…you just advance on the bigger bushes with the slasher raised to about thirty degrees, once you have munched the top of the bush you drop the slasher down and slowly reverse out….rocks, stumps and logs need to be avoided. As far as the fallen logs go, my machine was capable of rolling large logs but you need to trim the tops as it wont take much resistance to stop the process. It is useful in that situation but it isn’t a bulldozer. You would be probably better off with a brush cutter, chainsaw and a winch in hard to access spots. Cut the logs up winch them to a spot where you can get the wildcat and you should be able to pull them out or stack them for burning using the blade.

      Williames is still in business and Geoff Williames the guy who designed the Wildcat still runs his company from Warragul. http://www.williames.com/contact/w_contact.asp

      There are Wildcat owners who check the blog sometimes….hopefully one or more will throw their two bob’s worth in.

  3. Jim Warren says:

    Hi my name is Jim Warren

    I’ve just purchased the dark green wildcat.

    I’m interested to know the build date and if on operater manual is available

    I’m now looking for attachments such as a mulcher, post hole borer and platform.

    BTW I used to work at Toft when they made their version (in the late 70’s?)

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