In case you are interested, the 1970’s Australian b grade movie “Turkey Shoot” is on Youtube in full. It’s about the usual one and a half hours. You may find it hard to watch but if you do you will be rewarded by the AUSTRAK RT45 as a military vehicle supported by the very rare AUSTRAK spray unit complete with sprayer nozzles also portrayed a military vehicle. Just be warned…this was the film era of violence and nudity….and in this case…the era of AUSTRAKS.

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1 Response to AUSTRAK in the MOVIES

  1. Rob says:

    Hi my names Rob and I worked for Austrak in Brisbane in 1982, I remember the management telling us that the tractor was in the film. When you see the tractor being driven in the movie it is the workshop foreman from the factory in Brisbane doing the driving…his name was Mike Mulhall.

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