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  1. Lawrie and Glenda Cornell says:

    Wanted to buy for our Wildcat. One front-end loader, preferably in working order.
    We live in on the Great Ocean road in Victoria but would be willing to travel some distance to collect. phone 0355007200

    • johnarentz says:

      Hi Lawrie and Glenda , check out the FEL that Neil built for his RT45. I’m sure that the design principle would work on a Wildcat. It differs from the original equipment in that it hinges on the front of the machine. The minus of such a design is that your total lift height is diminished – but it is a straightforward build and very easily detached.

      • Lawrie and Glenda Cornell says:

        Hello John, Thank-you for the hint and information but we want a Genuine model to restore and take to Rallies with our Wildcat. We have just returned from a vintage rally and were wishing we had our Wildcat there with us as they had a Balance beam as part of the “things to do”. We are sure it would have made a very good contestant, even better than the ‘Grey Fergy’ which aquitted itself very well.

    • Lawrie and Glenda Cornell says:

      Although we would like a working FEL it is not necesssary as we will restore it . If we can obtain more than one which have seen better days and are a little sad we could make one from many.

  2. johnarentz says:

    Can anyone help Christopher source 2 Wildcat wheels:

    christopher lewis says:
    January 5, 2011 at 4:32 am (Edit)

    I am in southern tas and have a wildcat fitted with a wisconsin v4 motor. i have been constructing a road in rocky country lately and ripped wheel centres out so i need 2 wheels

    • Alan Jennison says:

      Hi Chris – if you get this message please contact Alan re wildcat on 6254 6103 or 0488 2782 99 – Somehow we have lost your details

  3. jimdeering says:


    As part of on-going research, and in order to make this the premier website for all things Austrak, Wildcat and Supacat, we need YOUR help

    We are looking for documentation – marketing, technical, video and similar – relating to these machines, from the earliest ones to the latest

    Please let us know what you have and we will provide addresses to send the data to. Don’t worry if you can’t scan it – we can do it, if you send us the originals. We’ll send them back as soon as they are recorded

    Anything, even that dog-eared old brochure you’ve had in the draw for twenty five years, might fill in a gap in the knowledge base…

    Jim Deering | 0411 125 700

    • neil munro says:

      I have now an owners manual,VM operators&parts manual, An handbook of parts suppliers,2 copies of colour sale brochure and b/w copies of some of pictures, a sheet on torque control and a sheet on governor,2 copies of technical data of VM engine for late models,
      a foldwer of sheets on hydraulic filter and GPPseries110 gear pumps, a diagrame of hyd flow syatem and sheets on vickers pressure and releif valves there are 2 on my later machine, one for the slasher on/off and one for the hydraulic brakes which I think are an addition after market thing. neil munro

      • Steve says:

        Hi Neil, is it possible to get a copy of the owners,operators and parts manuals.

  4. Jim Deering says:

    Austrak RT-45 – Now Wrecking – Austrak RT-45

    I have a Lombardini 833 powered Austrak RT-45 that I am about to start wrecking soon (yair, other things happened and it was put on the backburner). Everything will be available, EXCEPT for the Engine, Pump drive transmission, Hydraulics and Engine cover

    OK, so they are the bits you wanted. Sorry. But the shell, axles, hubs, oil and fuel tanks, roll cage and a bull blade are still on offer

    “Offer” is the magic word here. The alternative is “scrap yard”

    So if you are interested, please call 0411 125 700 and make an offer. Don’t dwell on it though, because once I’ve pulled the above parts out, or sold bits and pieces off, it will be too late

    Of course if the offer is good enough, you might get the whole lot…

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  6. Peter says:

    WANT TO BUY Hydraulic 6′ or 8′ twin slasher for Austrak ALSO Backhoe. IN GOOD ORDER

  7. Peter says:

    WANT TO BUY 6′ or 8′ Twin Slasher and Backhoe suitable for Austrak IN GOOD ORDER

  8. John says:

    I have a RT45 and the hydraulic drive on the drivers side has failed, the inside olive has broke and punched a hole in the casing I`m trying to find an entire drive or the inner olive any help would be greatly appreciated

  9. johnarentz says:

    SUBARU – WILDCAT Featured on the WILDCAT MODS page is now for sale:

    See WILDCAT MODS to reply to Robert.

    Robert Jackson says:
    July 7, 2011 at 3:57 am (Edit)

    The above machine belongs to me. I had 2 at the time and sold one, but never sold this one. Have not driven for a few years so would need some work to get going. More than willing to sell for any offers. Comes with slasher, grater blade and furrow digger.

  10. Cam Snooks says:

    wanting to sell 1 williames wildcat, comes with slasher and trailer, and spare wheel – located Eltham Victoria contact bryan on 0418 331 636 to put your offer forward and to find out any more information

    • maria mcintyre says:

      I am looking for a Williams Cat and wondering if you still have yours. Am rebuilding near Marysville after the bushfires. Lost everything including all my machinery in the fire.

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  12. maria mcintyre says:


    Would love to hear from you re your wildcat. To my email or my telephone 0400 244 624

    Thanks you.


  13. Jeff Bussell says:

    Hi all i have a 1987 mod shaft drive rt45 thats missing a drive motor assy, as i no longer have time to do anything with it i will sell the unit as-is or i can wreck it. it has the vm 494hr, cessna/ eaton pumps, front blade, gason rops etc. Im open to all offers and can email photos numbers etc. my phone is 0408293427 or just email me, cheers Jeff.

  14. johnarentz says:

    John B says:
    August 2, 2013 at 7:04 am (Edit)

    Ray I have a machine that I would like to sell A RT45 with slasher, dozer blade, and we had a bucket manufactured for it. Great running order, contact me at larryjane69@gmail.com if you would know anyone who may be interested. The machine is located back of the Gold Coast.

  15. Jeremy La March says:

    Hi my name is Jeremy I live in Michigan and am looking for a austrak to buy…If anyone knowd where there might be one for sale let me know

    • Kelly Steven Keong says:

      Kelly Keong is my name I have an RT45 for sale it has a blade ,Hydraulic PTO, 5 FT slasher, 3 tyne ripper set . VM powered with southcott pumps. The machine does operate but is in need of alot TLC. Machine is near Warwick QLD.
      Mobile 0428 754 471,

  16. Neil 23 says:

    Guys, A girl i work with (in Cooma NSW) has a wildcat for sale. It’s the green v4 petrol. unfortunately the engine is cactus. It has the slasher and blade with it. I would be interested if i could find an easy engine replacement. does anyone have a spare engine or know of an easy retrofit? What is a fare price with a dud engine?

    • Michael charlton says:

      Did this one in cooma sell? . I know it’s a long shot. Just interested in doing a restoration on an interesting bit of history. I’m located in Canberra ACT

  17. Neil 23 says:

    Wiring Diagram/Workshop Manual

    Guys, further to the above, i need to find out how to bypass the ignition switch as the owner can’t find the key. I’m trying to determine how cactus the engine really is before i make an offer. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Wisconsin v4 version?


  18. Ian says:

    Hi there

    I have been lurking around this site for a few years and am keen to pick up a Wildcat in need of restoration.
    I am an engineer and want to run both excavator and bucket attachments so expect to have to change the running gear and power drive base. For this reason I have decided that one wasting away in need of a dedicated rebuild would likely provide the perfect base.

    I would appreciate any such leads.

    0409 999 902

    • Julian wilkes says:

      Hi Ian, just found this page when looking for a possible new owner for an rt45 that is on a property we bought in St. Andrews. Flicking through I saw your post- the one here is in need of full rebuild after being burnt. I know it’s been a while since your post but if your interested I can send pics. Slasher and super spreader to suit also. Final drives etc been removed and in shed. Cheers , Julian. 0481328353.

  19. Neil says:

    Ian, I did purchase it. Prior to purchase I wasn’t able to determine much about the condition. I now have reasonable confidence in the hydraulics and know that the pistons/rings are corroded to the bores in two cylinders, one in each bank. At the time of purchase I was hoping that new pistons and a rebore would fix it but that’s not the case so at this stage I’m unsure whether I’ll move it on or rebuild it. I know a few guys are looking for resto projects so I’ll list it here if I decide to sell.


  20. johnarentz says:

    Hi Neil there look to be a couple of bore assemblies/jugs for sale on ebay.com in the USA for a total around 150 usd for the 2 they aren’t in that bad condition. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WISCONSIN-VF4-VH4D-RIGHT-JUG-/370945006217?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item565e0b9a89 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WISCONSIN-VF4-VH4D-JUG-1-/370954331210?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item565e99e44a

  21. Nick Maxfield says:

    Hi guys,
    I am also looking for a machine for my property on the sunny coast, mainly want it for slashing as the majority of the property is steep.


  22. john perry says:

    Hi ,
    I’m looking for just the body of an Austrak any condition will do .
    John, ne vic

  23. Nathan Thamm says:

    If anyone is interested in a Williams Wildcat found burried in a shed, with spares and 2 x motors, please contact me on 0448987590, Not sure what to make of condition for rebuild, but excellent for spares.

  24. Neil Munro says:

    FOR SALE Austrak tractor PARTS last model, assembled by Gason Cabs.
    BLADE and frame 7 ft 8 in wide [no ram] MOWER 5 ft includes hydraulic motor [no ram]
    Hydraulic PTO motor to fit either end of tractor. Air cooled ENGINE with radiator [no steering pumps
    TRACTOR FRAME has some hydraulic pipes and fuel tank. has only three wheels on it.
    and 2 spare tyres on rims.
    Prices, make a good offer?

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  26. Neil Munro says:

    my mobile is 0427400450 there are a few others in the queue before you but call any way neil

  27. ken says:

    what would be a fair price to sell my toft R-1000 ? air cooled deutz diesel .. obviously being a Austrak its great skashing on hills but when you have close to 200 acres i probably need something bigger :{

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  29. Peter Bailey says:

    From a deceased estate, an Austak RT45. The plan was to resore it, but sadly it never happened.
    The VM 3 cylinder engine, caught fire and was a right off.
    I believe the rest is ok, and there is a hydraulic slaher with it.
    There is a Hilux motor that was going to be fitted.
    The tyres are good (one brand new)
    Also seperately available is a backhoe off a skid steer that was going to be fitted.
    The tractor is located near Romsey Vic and can be inspected by appointment. (usually on a weekend)
    best offer..
    Peter 0419428427

  30. Steve says:

    Hi All,
    I am interested in finding a wildcat, preferably working with a slasher and a dozer attachment. If anyone has one or knows anyone with one for sale my contact is 0458557774 or email thefatfatman@hotmail.com


  31. james says:

    hi,williames wildcat is now for sale,blade,rippers,slasher(new hydraulic motor),carryall,it is just not suited for my father,he just needs a larger tractor,if interested my phone number is 0477150294,if no answer text me and I will call you back when I can,cheers

    • Michael charlton says:

      Hi James
      Where are you located and is the wildcat still for sale
      Canberra ACT

      • johnarentz says:

        Hi Michael,

        James is located in Tasmania. At one point I believe he was trying to sell his Dad’s Wildcat on, but I’m not sure if that is still the case. I think the machine was purchased by James’ father for something like 6 grand, you can see it on the website labelled as Alan’s Wildcat, they are located in Tasmania. Give James a ring on 0477150294 if you are interested and see what he has to say, it is not without issues but I would say in terms of all round general condition it is excellent. The one from Cooma was sold for 3 grand. I’m not sure who bought it but the aim of he purchaser was to rebuild it. (It had a dud motor). A good quality shell was sold recently on ebay for considerably less than that. The biggest issues when purchasing one as a project concern corrosion in the tub and failure of the Wisconsin motor (often through water entering the exhaust manifold and running into the cylinder assemblies). They are old machines now and many of them have been left in paddocks or covered in plastic (which will collect condensation and rust out the body as well as good old rain). I scrapped one here in Canberra earlier this year. It was a rolling shell but the structure was so badly rusted it was beyond repair.

        Do you want to post a wanted on the site…if so just forward it and I’ll put it up. I put one up last week and someone came up with an Austrak RT45 pretty much straight away…much to my surprise.


        john arentz

  32. Nick says:

    Hi guys I am looking for a working machine preferably with slasher and blade
    SE QLD
    Cheers Nick

    • Peter says:

      HI Nick, we have an Austrak we are thinking of selling, great condt, 80hp diesel, blade rippers/carryall, and monster muncher mulscher. please reply or call 0428 942091 daytime if interested. Regards Peter

      • johnarentz says:

        Hi Peter,
        I’m happy to put up your machine on the front page of the Austrak-Wildcat site if you would like, a lot of people don’t explore much beyond the first page. I think it would be better with a pic or two and some more info about the machine itself (eg: shaft or chain drive, engine details etc.) a general location and an idea of price. Anyway if you want that just send me the info/pics at austrakwildcat@gmail.com and I’ll put it up. Other users here have had good fortune in selling their machines on Ebay and/or Gumtree as well as through this blog. Gumtree is free and allows multiple pics to be uploaded. Hope this is of some help. John Arentz

  33. Col Richards says:

    I’ve recently purchased an Austrak RT-45 (the one from EA auctions in Tullamarine) and got it home. It’s got the Lombardini 833 engine but has nothing bolted on the flywheel end. Is somebody able to help me out with drawings/photos etc so I can begin to hunt down the parts that are missing?
    Any help would be much appreciated, as I’d love to have it up and running to slash some blackberries this season.
    Col Richards
    0467 677 759

  34. Ian Buckley says:

    I have a Wisconsin V4 engine that was stripped and refurbished ready for reassembly and placement int a wildcat. Some of the parts are new in box. It is based in Sydney and I have no further need for it so it remains in pieces.
    Free to a good home rather than the scrap bin.
    0429 533 773

  35. Col Richards says:

    Hi Ian,
    I don’t suppose you have any reduction box or drive pump bits?

  36. Mitchell O'Brien says:

    2 x Austrak RT45 for sale together with many spares including pumps, motors and general spares. The air cooled Lombardini engine is gear driven version with slasher and rippers. The water cooled VM motor version was one of the last sold by Gason’s and we received much help from Geoff Kendal who was involved with sorting this particular version. There are many and various parts and manuals, even some brochures I believe.
    They have been properly maintained through the years. The VM Austrak has a carry-all with 500 litre honda powered sprayer attached operating 2 reels. The Lombardini has not been used much in the last few years as we are not slashing, but was operating fine except for a seal issue which slowly allows engine oil into the gearbox. We haven’t had time to take this apart to fix.
    We are moving off the farm and would like the Austraks to go to someone who knows there value as they will continue to be useful to someone who knows how to look after them. Both of these have been garaged throughout their life.
    We are located in Maleny, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queenlsand.

  37. Geoff Unwin says:

    HI guys,i have an rt45 vn motor southcote pumps,it is fitted with the last two diffs from Gasons which have done no work as it hasn’t been fired up for alongtime its all there but I haven’t started it because the oil tank has rusted and let water in.If anyone is interestedyou can contact me on 0456878288
    Cheers Geoff.

  38. Doug Denning says:

    Hi guys we have a fairly hilly block and saw the RT45 austrack as the solution to our problems
    Saw the one on GUMTREE but it looks a bit old for our needs
    Does anyone know of a good one in reasonable condition,that is tucked in the back corner of a shed, that might be for sale now or in the near future.
    Thanks Doug
    Workshop Phone 02 44728222
    0402134722. this is tracy’s phone she will get me to return your calls I don’t carry one

  39. Luke Phillips says:

    Wildcat for sale tractor itself is in very very good condition would be hard to find better it’s one of the earlier models with the Wisconsin motor
    previous owner must’ve had some wiring issues as it needs most of the loom redone motor seems fine but have only had it kicking over an running by hand as carburettor is leaking comes with slasher, blade, carryall be an easy fix up reason for selling is iv just sold the property I originally purchased it for I’m looking around $6000 located hour east of meld vic
    0401802152 for more info an pictures

  40. Darryl Bennie says:

    I have a wildcat with a v4 Wisconsin engine however the hydraulic drive pumps are faulty. Can anyone advise of a reputable hydraulic repairer who maybe able to recondition them. Alternatively are there new replacement units available that could be installed with no or very little modification to the existing installation.


  41. Bailey Williames says:

    Hi all,

    My Pa Invented and created the wildcat and I’m searching to find one for sale. Would love to have one. If anyone knows of one for sale can you email me at baileywilliames@gmail.com

    Wanted Wildcat

  42. nathan gillen says:

    Thinking about selling my austrak rt45, hit me up for details if your interested.

  43. nathan gillen says:

    Selling austrak rt45, hit me up for details.

  44. Charlie says:

    Hi there I’m Charlie i deal in auto mobile and parts so if you’re interested in dealing please contact me on my email charlieen97@gmail.com
    Thanks Charlie

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