Wildcat, Slasher and angle blade plus a good looking spray rig now for sale on eBay. It Looks like a very neat working rig, The Slasher and blade also look like they are in good nick as well. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/301438834481?_mwBanner=1ebay 3 ebay1 ebay2 ebay4 ebay5 Call 048848****. Please do not text offers or questions. If you want to know about the Wildcat please call Ian directly. You can also inspect prior to bidding. The machine doesn’t come with 3pl but if it was me who bought it, I would be checking whether Anne and Barrie still have their wrecks for sale with a view to grabbing one or more for parts and also fitting 3pl . The cost of an actuating ram is around 300 dollars. It would certainly make a machine like this more versatile. I just love seeing people putting Austraks and Wildcats to good use!


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  1. johnarentz says:

    SOLD on EBay at a reported $6500 reasonable enough price for a functioning machine with that spray gear included.

  2. Roger Wilkinson says:

    I bought it. Starts easily and runs well. Engine done up recently. I already have a 3pl setup and hydraulic PTO and a genuine dozer blade, all of which came with a parts machine I bought a few years ago. I remember as a kid riding on one when it was demonstrated by Williames at the Yarra Glen Show in the early 1970s and have wanted one ever since. It will be put to use on steep Hopkins River banks near Warrnambool.


  3. johnarentz says:

    Yey Roger!! Great News …send some pics when you get it sorted for its new home!!

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