Frank Bamford says:

A fellow enthusiast….. I have an early model Austrak RT45 with MT500 motors which I have put new seals in but still have a problem with one motor which I have narrowed down to valve body (I think).
I am wanting to find somebody who can help me with parts/knowledge to fix.
I also have a later model chassy & some parts, not enough to rebuild but could be helpful to others.
Hope to hear from somebody!!!

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  1. ausgo65 says:

    Hi Frank,
    Austraks huh? Don’t you love them?
    I’ve got an early chain drive RT45 with the 40hp air cooled Lombardini in it.
    She still works (just)
    It has a T stick instead of the servos
    One of the drive motors is leaking and its drive pump also leaks.
    I’ve got a few spare parts plus loads of Lombardini engine bits, enough for 3 engines.
    I’m interested in your spare chassis plus whatever parts you might have.
    Have you checked out Surplus Center in the US?
    Feel free to get in touch.



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