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The best way to stay up to date with what happens with this blog is to register. It’s a simple process and your details will remain private as far as private can be on the internet. It just makes it easier for you to keep up to date with what’s happening.

Also I would like to put together a gallery of people’s machines. If you would like your Austrak or Widlcat to appear just email me a pic at and I’ll post it with  your first name and regional location or whatever details you wish.

If you have a story about your efforts with these machines I’m sure we would all love to hear it.


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  1. Philip Farnell says:

    Noted the add in the Weekly Times and had time of stinking hot 40 degree Sunday arvo’ to look it up.

    I have a “Wildcat” that I bought from an Orchardist in Shepparton Victoria nearly 3 years ago with the intention to fix it up with a 400 litre spray system and 6 metre book to attack “Patto” on a mates property in the Hills around Albury-Wodonga. I bought it home, stuck in the shed (Hangar) and it still sits there awaiting me.It came with a Owners Manual – a photocopy of the original Williams Wildcat version. It has some interesting pictures and info for anyone who might want a copy.

    My machine is not original and has a 4 cylinder diesel
    nicely fitted onto a separate engine frame. Currently it’s not all fitted up to a special chain drive/gearboxthat the previous owner was making….he like me had little spare time. He was converting it to make it into a Cherry Picker for his orchard. Originally, this machine carried the “Tipper tub” attachment and appears in the Photographs of the User Manual. I have not seen any others like this.

    My machine appears to have most other bits and pieces including the front mounted hydraulic slasher. I’ll did it out during Summer
    and grab you some pics’. I am aware of a similar Wildcat that was 2 years ago at Yendon near Ballarat for Sale. It would most likely still be there in his machinery yard waiting for a new home…..he wanted $1000 for it.

    I did see a Austrak in the Hills at Macedon near Gisborne some 3 years ago. The guy was restoring another machine too. He had many parts including a hydraulic power take off of which I had never seen before…a handy item for one of these machines. I have lost touch with him but could ask locally if anyone knows how he’s
    going….I could possibly find my way there again if needed. He was quite an older man who had more time than I to tinker.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I’ll progress to get some clearer pictures for you and your readers. Great work….any maybe this will spur me on a bit to finish it. Cheers!

    Philip Farnell
    Mobile 0429 091 585 03 53 674448 Bacchus Marsh

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